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Ways to refresh Old World Tuscan style homes

One of the easiest ways to introduce new-world into an old-world home is to break up brown and brighten up walls and furniture. Here are examples of Tuscan style homes with layers of brown, tans, dark wood, heavy stone. It is overwhelming to consider remodeling and changing the look and feel of these large luxury estates.

1st Step

Rethink and understand what makes old-world old and new-world new. The walls, wood tones, stone are typically light. Eliminate the heaviness and keep the warmth and texture. The answer is not to paint everything white. Consider faux painting heavy brown stone to look like a light Jerusalem stone

2nd Step

Refinish cabinetry. Nothing updates a home more than a kitchen or bathroom remodel. If you don't have the budget you can keep the existing layout and replace the cabinet doors with a Euro style door or a paint grade shaker door depending on your comfort level.

3rd Step

Nothing dates a home more than fixtures, furniture and decor. We recommend mixing in modern distinctive pieces with antiques to keep a nod to the past. The large furniture pieces should be light and clean lined. Use pillows and furniture accents to add color and personality. Use modern lighting fixtures and artwork to tell a story about how your style has evolved. Your guests will leave envious wanting this look for their home.

Thanks for reading our blog on how to refresh your old-world home to a mix of vintage modern charm. Follow us and learn more about our design services, furniture and decor.

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