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San Diego Interior Design - Modern Interior Home Designer

Designing for Modern Life

Paschall Design - Interior Design in San Diego

Paschall Design is Interior Decorator in San Diego, a design studio that has been creating beautiful homes for clients across the US since 1999. In 2016, they launched Clutch Modern retail store, located in Solana Beach, the heart of San Diego's Design District. Whether you're looking for a large-scale remodel or a simple quick makeover, the expert design team at Paschall Design will reflect your personal taste and style with precision and care.

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San Diego Interior Home Designer - Best Modern Home Designers

Design. Build. Furnish

Cultivating a profound love for design, we specialize in crafting timeless beauty through our expert interior design services.


People-centric - Great Listeners

We begin with you! We are inherently intuitive, curious, and purposeful in establishing strong connections with our clients through clear and friendly communication, as well as by asking insightful questions. At Paschall Design we deeply appreciate the process of understanding our clients, enabling us to craft beautiful designs that align with their ideas, style preferences, and budget considerations.

Our key strengths lie in our creative abilities and our knack for presenting and articulating innovative design concepts with clear explanations. Maintaining open and transparent communication is a cornerstone of our approach, highly cherished by our valued clients.


Experience and Expertise

Transform your home into the haven you've always dreamed of with our modern interior design services! Our experienced team brings your unique vision to life, tailored to your personal style and taste. With over twenty years of expertise in delivering top-quality modern luxury home design that exceeds your expectations.

What makes Paschall Design truly stand out? We deeply connect with our client's goals, ideas and dreams to understand them and create inclusive, safe and joyful spaces that will elevate well-being in a way that is felt on an emotional level. We leverage the ancient scientific art of Feng Shui to create flow and combine it with excellent technical design know-how, and a passion for collaboration. We love working with architects, landscape designers, structural engineers, and builders to create luxurious, modern California-style designs. 


On-Time and On-Budget

We've got the knack for keeping things friendly and super skilled at crunching numbers! We know that budgets matter to our clients, and we're here to make sure every penny counts. From transparent cost estimates to clear communication about project expenses, we've got your back at every turn. Our secret sauce? We're not just design enthusiasts; we're wizards at finding creative solutions within your budgetary limits. So, rest easy knowing that we're not only designing your dream space but also making sure the numbers add up to perfection!


Building Dreams Together

"We're true believers in the magic of collaborative design and the dream team approach. It's in our DNA to thrive on creating fantastic collaborations and fostering a team spirit, not just with our amazing clients but also with various design trades. Picture us as the dream team, working seamlessly alongside landscape designers, engineers, and contractors. Our collaborative vibe goes beyond the design itself – it's about building strong connections and blending our know-how with the unique skills of others to achieve top-notch results. Together, we turn dreams into reality, making sure each project benefits from a mix of diverse talents and perspectives. Because your dream space? It deserves nothing short of a dream team, and that's exactly what we're all about."

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Paschall Design Kitchen Condo Project Del Mar
Paschall Design Guest Bathroom Renovation
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Unlock the Door to Your Dream Home

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