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Frequently Asked Questions?


What is Full Service Design?
Intended for clients that need a vision for designing a layout and sourcing furnishings & decor. With no room minimum, Full Service Design is ideal both for full home furnishing as well as single rooms. If you’re local to Southern California, there is an option to hire Paschall Design to perform the install and styling of your home. If you’re remote, Paschall Design will handle all purchasing and delivery on your behalf for you to self-install, or we can arrange furniture delivery and professional styling install for an additional travel fee.

What is the first step in hiring Paschall Design for my design needs?
If you’re interested in our Full Service Design services for your home, please schedule a consultation our our website and complete the
included questionnaire about your vision and design objectives. Our team will be in touch within 1-2 business days to request more information if needed and to confirm the consultation.

What is your consultation fee?
We charge $200 for consultations.

Can Paschall Design come out to my home?
Full Service Design consultations are all held virtually and are used to discuss your project’s scope. Coming out of your consultation, we will provide you with a custom design fee proposal and contract. If you are local to Southern California and elect to hire Paschall Design, there is the option for the design team to conduct the immersion at your home if preferred. Note that mileage fees will be included in the proposal if in-person meetings are requested.

What do you charge for Full Service Design? How do you determine your project fee?
Room package rates are included below. Our design fee includes the concepting and ordering of all furniture & materials associated with the approved design. Install is not included in the design fee, and is billed separately a la carte (costs outlined below).


  • Entry - $800

  • Living Room - $2,000

  • Kitchen - $1,200

  • Dining Room - $1,600

  • Family Room - $2,000

  • Bathroom(s) - $800

  • Office - $1,600

  • Bedroom(s) - $2,000

  • Primary Bedroom - $2,400

  • Loft/Den - $2,000

  • Nursery - $1,600

  • Playroom - $1,600

  • Gym - $1,600

  • Exterior Living - $2,000

  • Exterior Dining - $1,600

  • Laundry/Mudroom - $1,200


(Design Only - Ordering/Install Not Included)
All al a cart construction elements are offered in conjunction with a full room design

  • Built-In/Shelving Design Concept - $1,000

  • Millwork Design (shiplap, etc.) - $600

  • Window Treatment Selections - $500

  • Gallery Wall/Art Selections - $600

  • Materials Mood Board - $600


Do you provide client discounts?
Yes, we provide a 15% discount on all Clutch Modern product to our Full Service Design clients.

What is the first step in hiring Clutch Modern by Paschall Design for my design needs?

If you are interested in meeting with our design team for your home, please schedule an appointment on our website and complete the online questionnaire about your specific design needs. Our team will be in touch within 1-2 business days to request more information if needed and to confirm the appointment. During the initial appointment, we'll discuss your design needs in more detail, any inspiration you have, and how how you need the pieces to function for you so that we can begin sourcing. All Home Design Stylist appointments are held virtually.

How long does the design process take?

Accent furniture and decor selections will be sent to you via an online proposal within one week of the Design Concierge appointment.The proposal will include one option for each area. From there, we will conduct one review call to talk through all of the proposed selections. If any alternate suggestions are needed, those will be added to your proposal following the review call.

Once the proposal is approved, we’ll send a link to purchase through our in-store purchasing system! You also have the choice to purchase directly through our online store, using your exclusive design client purchasing code.  After placing your order, our Store Team will provide order updates.

What’s included in the Home Design Stylist fee?

  • 30 minute initial consultation call to discuss design needs and preferences

  • 1 round of product recommendations

  • 30 minute design review call to discuss selections and any feedback you have

  • Pre-filled shopping cart with your approved selections for purchase

What’s not included in the Design Concierge fee?

  • Full room designs

  • Construction elements (mantels, built-ins, floating shelves, finishes, etc.)

  • Renderings or layouts

  • Multiple rounds of design

  • In-person installs & final styling (installs would be billed separately)

  • Depending on what's needed at time of install and included in your final invoice


Do you offer In-person Home Design Styling services?

Yes! If you are local to San Diego and/or Southern California, we are delighted to come to your home and provide an added level of service by offering In-person installs & final styling services that are billed separately depending on what is needed at the time of install. If you are remote, we will handle all purchasing and provide an itemized list with locations to self-install, or for an additional fee, we can arrange a professional styling day and come to you.

Can I only hire Paschall Design if I live within the San Diego area?No! We can ship all furniture and decor anywhere within the continental United States and Canada.

Can I describe or provide the type of design style that I’m looking for so that the Paschall Design team can emulate it?
During the Design Concierge appointment, our team will discuss your design style, preferences and any design references you have at length in order to familiarize ourselves with your aesthetic and tailor our selection to your specific needs.Your home is a reflection of who you are, what you love and the world you want to create for your family. Everything we do is designed to make your home as “you” as it can be, infused with our Paschall Design touch.

Can I use my existing decor?
Yes! We can take any existing decor you have into consideration when making new selections for you. We will discuss what you have and would like to incorporate during the immerson.

Do I have to purchase all of the home styling products Paschall Design recommends?
Absolutely not! While our Home Design Stylist team will make selections based on what we think will work best for your home, you are not
obligated to buy all at once. When you receive your proposal, you can approve or decline items and are welcome to shop on your own or purchase through our website at your convenience. Please note your client discount will expire six months from its issued date.

What differentiates Paschall Design from other interior design studios?
We have a wide range of technical design skills with over 20 years of premium knowledge to help our clients create stunningly beautiful spaces. We have a passion for design and pride ourselves on the spirit and creative aesthetic of our firm and Clutch Modern brand. We are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations, no matter the size of the project. The design process can be overwhelming, so we take our role as leaders in this journey as seriously as our creativity. Our job is to make you excited and at ease every step of the way, whether it’s a full-scale remodel or a simple styling refresh. We are a team of creative thinkers that are collaborative and responsive, and have a proven portfolio of relationships and projects the showcase our dedication to that philosophy.

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