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Heavy Tuscan Style to Light Mediterranean in one week!

Southern California is saturated with expansive luxury estates dripping with heavy stone, venetian plaster walls, and layers of carved wood cabinetry and wood crown moulding.

Our clients built their home ten years ago when the trend was bigger the better, and the style was Italian Tuscan style homes. Their lifestyle and design aesthetic evolved from ornate acanthus leaves, brown on brown gold and earthy red tones to clean crisp modern lines. We organized the project down to every detail to meet a tight deadline and brought in the right contractors to make this a simple and enjoyable process.

Given the time frame and budget for this project, the challenge was to get the look without doing surgery. We painting the walls from tan to a soft white. We treated the #stone and #brick with a #whitewash treatment using a natural #limewash product. It gives the stone and brick a chalky weathered look which works well with natural materials allowing it to breathe and patina over time. It is relatively easy to apply and can be safely used on the interior and exterior of homes. It was used for centuries in Europe before paint was invented.

We painted the interior doors black and the baseboards white to tone down the brown wood colors throughout and created a high contrast look. This immediately changed the feel of the home to a brighter light-filled home. We painted the kitchen, bathrooms and built-in either white or deep charcoal grey to give it a cleaner high contrast look.

We removed old tired furniture and replaced it with clean #contemporary #furniture, #rugs, #window #coverings and decor to make it look light and airy. It came together very quickly and the end result was transformational and beautiful!

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