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6 Interior Design Trends for California Modern Homes: Embracing Minimalism and Functionality

What defines modern vs. contemporary homes? This topic can turn into a heated conversation in a room full of architects and designers. Many believe Modern refers to a specific era, between 1920s’ to 1960s’ mid-century modern. Whereas anything beyond 1970 is considered contemporary. We believe Modern and Contemporary are interchangeable. Both have general design elements in common. The esthetics are both minimalistic with clean architectural lines, an open-space feel flowing from one area to another fluidly.

These Nordic Light Oak Nightstands and Nordic Light Oak Bed Frame are simple and sleek regardless of how you view modern or contemporary interior design simply meaning “less is more”. This concept showcases exceptionally functional design while artistically creating a simplified way to live.

After living in overly ornamentation homes, many people today are embracing unfussy minimalistic modern design and stripping down to the essential purpose of their home and identity by eliminating everything unnecessary. We feel this pared-down aesthetic exemplifies simplicity at its best.

Eliminating clutter and extraneous objects allows the focus to remain on the room’s purpose and function, and on the beauty of its carefully selected furnishings. Well-placed shapes and configurations create a sense of order. Similarly, keeping color combinations to a minimum further enhances the serene and balanced environment. We carefully use pops of any color, and layers of textures such as wood, leather and wool complement any minimalistic space.

Modern and Contemporary homes not only look great, they also have several benefits. First, an uncluttered, clean space is known to increase our happiness and health. We live in a world full of chaos and stress. Having your home streamlined where everything you need is designated creates a neat, fluid and relaxing environment. Another benefit to “less is more,” is less of everything means more money in your pocket.

Do you want to make your home a sanctuary and feel at peace at home? If you are considering redesigning or remodeling your home so you can live your best life, we can help. Whether you’re planning a full remodel construction project or want to refresh with new furniture and décor, we specialize in timeless designs with clean lines. We create unique solutions for our client’s homes tailor fit to their needs, their wants and their lifestyle. The end result is a home that is beautiful and functional that you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come.

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